“Here’s $10 and a Good-Looking Bottom”

This isn't a "good-looking bottom". It's a pair of hot-ass jeans.

This isn’t a “good-looking bottom”. It’s a pair of hot-ass jeans.

Is it too much to ask for jeans that make my ass look hot?

I was leaving the Levi’s store when they offered me $10 to take a survey.

When they asked why I came in, I told them I Googled, “jeans that make your ass look hot” and a pair of Levi’s was suggested.


The researcher wrote down, “wants jeans to have a good-looking bottom”.


Not only did I feel like she didn’t listen to me at all, the kind of woman who wants to “have a good-looking bottom” is a far cry from the woman who wants jeans to “make your ass look hot”.
Exact words matter. A lot.
Have you ever heard someone mention your favorite, obscure movie? Or confess they love the same, trashy TV show (Bridezilla!)?

  • It’s how your readers know you understand them
  • It’s how they know they can trust you
  • It proves you’re listening and
  • That you’re the expert

Exact words matter. A lot.


  • I once left a comment in a Facebook group that my services aren’t for you “if you love pain-in-the-ass clients”. Someone tracked down my own group and joined based on that one comment (shout out Dortha!).
  • A reader once wrote in to say she wanted to work with me when she heard me call someone a “Georgia peach” and anyone that sounded like her grandma was the one for her!
  • I caught the ear of an influential business owner when he heard me talking about creating “business love at first sight”. He said it was exactly what he wanted to do and had never been able to explain it. He hired me on the spot.

My point is, exact words matter. A lot.


How to uncover the exact words your clients are using? Ask them.
Don’t worry about what to ask or how to get them to agree to talk to you, I’ve got your strategy and script all mapped out for you.
And if you need help turning all their words into copywriting gold, tag me in the Business Love at First Sight group where you can get all your questions answered without having to pay for a year long mastermind or setting up an appointment.
And, when I’m done answering your client-attraction questions, please tell me where I can find hot-ass jeans.


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