Avoid Asking This To Boost Sales

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A lesson in sales AND shredding.

When a handsome man remembers me, I go weak in the knees.

On a return trip to a guitar shop, the sales guy remembered my name and all the particulars of what I wanted.

Fantastic customer service and a good-looking man?



He didn’t just remember me and what I was looking for, he helped me narrow down what I wanted in just a few minutes, like he’d known me for years. It was magic.


Handsome, handsome magic.

You can make your readers swoon by doing the same thing: Pinpointing what they want as if you’ve known them for years.


Why does it matter to you?


Because making your readers feel like you truly understand them is one of the fastest ways to build trust which leads to creating genuine connections, passionate fans and paying customers.

The best way to do that: Show them you already know what they want.


I know, I know—all the best advice you’ve ever gotten on how to get to know someone is to ask questions.

  • “Do you want to lose weight?”.
  • “Are you ready to make money?”
  • “Tired of running the rat race?”
  • “Want to connect with potential customers?”

Of COURSE the answer is “Yes”. They wouldn’t be your reader otherwise.
If you want to make them feel like you really understand them:

Guitar Guy could have asked, “So…you want to buy a guitar?” but I was already in the store – it was pretty obvious I did.
Instead, that charming wizard took what little information I’d given him and started showing me one new, six-stringed love after another.

You can do the exact same thing.

Instead of asking a question you already know the answer to, follow these three steps:

  1. Write out the question you want to ask
  2. Turn it into a statement
  3. Rewrite it using your client’s words

For example, if you had written, “Do you want to lose weight?”, you can turn that into a statement by writing, “You want to lose weight”.

Now comes the magic.

What words has she said that lets you know she wants to lose weight?

  • “I hate the pink lines my jean’s waistband makes on my stomach”
  • “The Doritoes call to me from the cupboard – I can’t leave them alone!”
  • “I’ve promised myself so many times that “this time” is going to be different – and it never is”

Wave your copywriting wand and “Do you want to lose weight?” turns into:

  • “Say goodbye to those judgemental pink lines”
  • “End the siren song of the Doritoes”
  • “This time is the last time you’ll promise to change. This time is THE time.”

Your challenge is to take a look at your next sales page, email, or offer you’re sending to your clients. I want you to replace as many questions as you can with its answer, written in your ideal client’s words.

Need a little help? Tag me with your question in the Facebook group and I’ll be happy to help you turn your questions into client-magnet statements.
Leave your “before and after” sentences in the comments below to make us swoon!

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