I once got in trouble at school for reading more than I talked to my seat mate.    In my defense, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield were way more interesting than most 9 year olds.   I still prefer to read whatever is interesting – not just business books. Right now, I’m reading a book about […] Read More

There’s business advice I’m “supposed to” give and then there’s business advice I’d like to give. (Pardon me while I send my lawyer’s call to voice mail) My real advice – especially when you’re new? Just start Forget whatever brand – who cares if the blue is #4286f4 or #4286f3. Screw the exact, specific, laser […] Read More

It takes money to make money. It takes success to make success. What? Do you need to be buff before you workout, too? Forget it. You can grow your list and pull off a successful launch even if it’s your very first, if you have no money or no list. But you’ll need a few […] Read More

Is it too much to ask for jeans that make my ass look hot? I was leaving the Levi’s store when they offered me $10 to take a survey. When they asked why I came in, I told them I Googled, “jeans that make your ass look hot” and a pair of Levi’s was suggested.   […] Read More

Fever Chills Aches You’ve gone to the doctor’s office knowing something’s wrong (Cold? Flu? Plague?) but you’re not exactly sure what. And you don’t know if you’ll take medicine or a sick day (or both!). You just want her to tell you what’s wrong and fix it. And that’s what your clients want from you.  [Tweet […] Read More

You’ve got 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Make the most of it.  In Part One of this two part series, we discussed bullet points and how you should: Use them Keep them short Make them look similar Pick one style and stick with it Now that you have the mechanics, let’s get to what […] Read More

I recently found myself having to explain the Silver Bullet to a pearl-clutching, wine-sipping, slip of an elegant, older dame. I groped around for the most delicate description I could muster and, after a moment of silence she primly replied, “Would that they’d had that in my day” and glided off for a refill. Sitting […] Read More

…AND THEN HE ATE IT! AHHHHHHHHHH! I was waiting to cross the street when a car stopped at the crosswalk. A man was alone in his car picking his nose. And not a discreet itch. A full on pick. And then…well, you already know what happened next. What you do when you think no one’s watching, […] Read More

When a handsome man remembers me, I go weak in the knees.   On a return trip to a guitar shop, the sales guy remembered my name and all the particulars of what I wanted.   Fantastic customer service and a good-looking man?   Swoon.   He didn’t just remember me and what I was […] Read More

I’m still pissed off. Let me back up. I love business systems that make my life easier. A few weeks ago, I signed up for a new app that promised to take away my worries and make me money. As soon as I signed up, I got a call from their customer service rep asking […] Read More