I got invited to the zoo last week. I hate the zoo. I feel so sorry for the animals and there’s always some genius that thinks tapping on the glass is a brilliant move the poor lizard has never seen before. And the zoo in question was teeny. And it was three hours away. And […] Read More

If you want to see my eyes pop and hear me stutter for the right words while fighting the urge to yell, sit me down in a room of business owners complaining about their list size. So you have a small list. YOU HAVE A LIST—of people. Real people who are interested enough to want to […] Read More

Sometimes, Facebook can feel just like high school: “What did she mean by that?” “I said I’d love to hear from her but she ignored me” “I tried to start talking but they just talked over me” “Does everyone else know something I don’t?” “How am I supposed to get to Campus A in 3 min?!” Facebook can […] Read More

Your opt-in isn’t just a freebie—It’s an audition. [Tweet “Your ideal readers can fall in love or break it off based solely on your opt-in.”] So let’s make it count. In the first post of this series, you read about creating an opt-in that does more than just solve your reader’s problem. Now you know what […] Read More

Baskin-Robbins is no fool. They know if you get a taste of the goods, you’re going to plunk down your money. And that’s exactly what you should be doing on your website. I mean, not handing out ice cream because that could get messy. But handing out free samples. Otherwise known as an opt-in, a […] Read More

We all have that friend – the one whose stories are so good that, even if we were there, we want to hear her tell it. Or, if you could, you’d happily pull up a chair and let your grandpa tell you the same story he’s told a hundred times. Not because we don’t already […] Read More

I love when readers write in with questions (hint, hint). This question comes from Parijat D. She asks, How do you find the right voice between “I get what you’re going through” personal voice and “I know how to help you” expert voice? How do you find that balance so people feel comfortable going from reading […] Read More

Your clients don’t care how you do it, they only care that you can.   Let me explain: Let’s say your high school reunion is approaching. No matter how much you liked (or loathed) high school, you want to look good. Scratch that—you want to look hot. Not just hot—You want to walk past the buffet […] Read More

Writer’s block. Two words that strike more fear in bloggers’ hearts than “Site Crash” (note to self: Backup site). And, much like the common cold – everyone has their own cure, myself included (Starve a fever, feed a writer’s block?). My cure for writer’s block? Don’t catch it in the first place. Easier said than […] Read More

You’ve been there; the best idea for a blog post hits and you can’t wait to get started. But there’s nothing to write with. No problem—the idea is so good there’s no way you’ll forget it. Except you do. Again. How many times has this happened to you? When your genius strikes, you need to be […] Read More