Good-bye Crickets, Hello Comments—And Paying Clients!

With special guest Kendrick Shope

Becky DuncanImagine:

  • Receiving a flood of comments on each blog post
  • Readers becoming such passionate fans, they happily tell people how amazing you are
  • Having a steady stream of clients—from your blog!

This can happen when you turn your blog into an engaging community. Good-bye Crickets, Hello Comments is a free training to show you how to do all that and boost your blog engagement. You’ll also get the inside scoop on Sales School and find out how you can get even more one-on-one, personalized coaching – at no extra charge. 
I’m sharing secrets I’ve only shared with paying clients; Ten insiders’ tricks to increase comments and clients – before you even publish your post.

What can more comments do for your blog? They’ll lead to:

  • A jump in traffic so more paying customers know who you are
  • Increased social shares to establish your expertise and boost your sales
  • Steady clients so you can live the life you love
  • And once you have their attention – find out how you can sell without feeling pushy.

Be the first to hear these never-before-shared secrets and give your blog—and business, the boost they deserve.

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On this free call, I’ll share the insider’s secrets to:Circle-headshot-featured

  • Designing your blog to attract more readers
  • Mastering the proven strategy to make your post stand out in a crowd
  • Never run out of blog post ideas again
  • And a game-changing, personalized bonus to help you apply these tips to YOUR blog
  • PLUS – special guest Kendrick Shope will be on to talk about how you can master selling in a way that feels genuine. Say good-bye to feeling sleazy.

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